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How to get MAXIMUM Benefit from Shaklee Supplement

Most of us wondering how to get maximum benefit from supplement. To help you do just that, we compiled the questions you’ve asked most frequently and harnessed the knowledge of Sam Russo, ND, LAc, Better Nutrition research editor and director of Vermont Naturopathic Clinic in Winooski, Vermont. Here are his answers:

1 — Which nutrients/supplements should I always take with food? Which should I take between meals?
Food should be a balanced meal that includes protein, carbohydrates, and fat to stimulate optimum acid secretion in the stomach, which enables better absorption. For example, if you eat only fruit and cereal with nonfat milk for breakfast, add some peanut butter or other protein and fat when taking the following: vitamins; minerals; oils such as fish and flax; fatty acids such as alpha lipoic acid; fatty derivatives such as plant sterols and stanols (used to lower cholesterol), and cetyl myristoleate (used to ease joint pain).

Popular supplements that should be taken 30 minutes before or two hours after a meal include the following:

Amino acids: Although all protein contains amino acids, which are broken down during digestion, individual amino acid supplements—when taken with food—will compete with protein for absorption. Common ones include lysine for herpes; tryptophan for better sleep; cysteine to thin mucus; N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a special form of cysteine to boost internal antioxidant production and neutralize toxins; arginine to support growth hormone production and blood-pressure regulation; and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for building muscles.
Herbal medicines: Bitter herbs to improve digestion should be taken with water 10 to 15 minutes before a meal. Other botanicals should usually be taken further away from meal times, as fiber in food can impair their absorption. When taking a formula, if the majority of the ingredients are botanicals, take between meals. But if vitamins and minerals predominate, take with food.
Enzymes: Timing depends on the desired benefit. To aid digestion, take enzymes at the beginning of a meal. However, systemic enzymes to treat a condition or organ, such as bromelain to reduce pain and inflammation, should be taken between meals.

2 — Which supplements are better
absorbed with fat?
The fat soluble nutrients: vitamins A, D, E, K; ascorbyl palmitate, a fat-soluble form of vitamin C; and other fats and fatty derivatives (see the question above for examples). The tocopheryl acetate form of vitamin E, however, is water soluble. CoQ10 comes in fat-soluble forms, such as Q-Sorb in softgels, and as water-soluble powder in capsules, such as Q-Gel (hydrosoluble).

3 — Is it necessary to occasionally take a vacation from your supplement routine?
There is no good evidence either way; however, some experts recommend cycling some nutrient or botanical regimens, particularly when targeting the immune system or the endocrine system. For example, you might take echinacea for one week out of each month to boost production of white blood cells that fight infection, as these cells live for about three weeks.

4 — Are there any nutrients that should always be combined? For example, I’ve heard that iron is better absorbed with vitamin C.
There are many ways in which nutrients influence the absorption of each other. Minerals in general are better absorbed with vitamin C or acidic foods, such as cooked tomatoes, citrus, or vinegars. This is especially true in older people, as stomach-acid production decreases with age and in anyone who takes antacids.

The chart below shows how some popular nutrients affect each other when combined. This is usually not a problem when taking high-potency multivitamin and mineral supplements, as higher doses compensate. However, if you take additional individual nutrients, it makes sense to time for optimum benefits.

These are some important points to keep in mind:

Calcium and magnesium can compete for absorption with one another in doses higher than 250 mg. When taking larger amounts, take each mineral at a different time or split doses of combinations into smaller amounts (not more than 250 mg).
Fiber supplements should be taken at a separate time from all other nutrients and herbs, as these can bind with the fiber and be excreted.
Extra Vitamin B1, taken for diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy side effects, or other conditions, should not be taken with polyphenols (such as grape seed, pine bark, and green tea extract) because these decrease absorption of the B vitamin. Separate polyphenols and B1 by at least two hours.
Nutrient Absorption increases
when combined with Absorption decreases
when combined with
Iron Vitamin C, protein fromanimal foods, and amino acid supplements High doses of zinc or copper, coffee, tea, and soy
Calcium Vitamin D (does not need to be taken at the same time), lactose (naturally present in milk and other dairy products), protein, and vitamin C Large doses of magnesium, zinc, and phosphate
Magnesium Vitamin D (does not need to be taken at the same time) Large doses of calcium and phosphate
Folic acid Vitamin C Zinc
Niacin Folic acid
B6 Zinc, oral contraceptives, coffee, and tobacco
B12 Vitamin C doses greater than 500 mg
Vitamin C Pectin, iron, zinc, and aspirin

5 — Is it better to refrigerate probiotics, fish oils, and flaxseed oil? What is the general rule of thumb for refrigerating supplements?
In general or when in doubt, oils and probiotics should be refrigerated. For other supplements, a good rule of thumb is to keep them at room temperature (72°F) or below, in a dark place. Probiotics that specify “shelf-stable” or “no refrigeration required” can safely be refrigerated or kept in a cool, dark place.

6 — Why do many single-nutrient supplements have tiny amounts of another nutrient in the formula, such as calcium or vitamin C?
Reasons vary. Nutrients may be added to help absorption, as with vitamin C, and some may be helpful in other ways. For example, lecithin blends water- and fat-soluble nutrients. In other cases, additional nutrients may be incidental.

7 — Should I keep the little silica pack in my supplement bottle or throw it away? What does it do?
Keep it! The silica pack keeps the inside of the bottle dry so that your supplements don’t break down as quickly. I also use those packs in my supplement pill box—great for traveling.

8 — When using powdered supplements, does it matter if I add the powder to warm or hot liquid?

In general, powder is safe to mix with liquid below 120°F (warm, not hot) if it’s consumed relatively quickly. But prolonged exposure to high temperatures breaks down most water-soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are more tolerant, and minerals are virtually indestructible. With undenatured whey protein powder, liquid above 120°F will damage naturally occurring immunoglobins that benefit the immune system.

9 — I’ve heard that your body can absorb only a certain amount of vitamins at a time, and therefore, it’s better to stretch the dose out over the day (for example, take no more than 500 mg of vitamin C at a time). What are your thoughts?
This is true. Vitamin C and magnesium are good examples, as high doses cause loose stools, indicating you have surpassed the maximum your body can absorb. Take no more than 500 to 1,000 mg of vitamin C at one time. When taking either calcium or magnesium separately, limit each dose to 500 mg. (See question No. 1 about taking them together.)

Most water-soluble vitamins (eg., B-complex and C) and minerals do not stay in the blood stream for more than a few hours. So taking them throughout the day maximizes blood levels over a longer period.

10 — How much water should I take with my supplements and are there any that require even more water (like fiber)?
Generally, you just need enough liquid to swallow the supplement comfortably. Fiber requires more, usually at least 12 ounces per 15 grams, or 1 tablespoon. Otherwise, you can become constipated.

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FAQ : Vivix Shaklee

What is Vivix?

Vivix is an exclusive, patent-pending, resveratrol-polyphenol blend with ingredients shown in laboratory research to positively impact four key mechanisms of cellular aging, including cell defense, cell energy, cell repair, and cell performance.*The ingredients in Vivix have been shown to help protect and repair DNA damage, positively influence longevity genes, re-populate mitochondria to produce energy, and slow formation of AGE proteins (plaque in your cells). Continue reading “FAQ : Vivix Shaklee”

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Vitamin untuk Berhenti Merokok

Ada yang punya suami perokok dan niat pengen berhenti? Atau anda sendiri perokok? Anda mau berhenti merokok dan mau minum Suplemen?Kami punya solusinya!

Continue reading “Vitamin untuk Berhenti Merokok”

Vitamin Shaklee · Vivix · Vivix Shaklee

Vivix shaklee

in Cellular anti-aging

One year ago, Shaklee introduced Vivix ®Cellular anti-aging tonic – the revolutionary dietary supplement product in the fighting against cellular aging. Over 1 million bottles of Vivix ® have already been sold.

Developed after years of research by Shaklee Corporation, the number one Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S., Vivix ® is the world’s best anti-aging supplement. In laboratory studies, Vivix ® ingredients have been shown to impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging.

#All natural Patent pending.
#Clinically tested by ingredients.
#Exclusive to Shaklee.


Vivix Ingredients:


#Muscadine Grape

This super is the only grape occurring in nature with an extra chromosome, which scientists believe greatly, enhances its polyphenol profile and potential health benefits. It contains a high concentration of ellagic acid, a phyto-nutrient not found in other grapes that has been shown to deactivate cancer-causing chemicals and has anti-viral and antibacterial properties.
After additional research, the most potent varieties of this super-grape were identified. Then, the team, together with scientists from the University of Georgia, developed a unique gentle, cold extraction process which guarantees an extract with the highest biological activity as demonstrated in a series of anti-aging laboratory tests. To create the powerful polyphenol profile VivixTM, scientists combined ultrapure resveratrol with extracts from the super-grape, the European Elderberry and the Purple Carrot. This blend is responsible for the many unique cellular anti-aging actions in VivixTM.

#Purple Carrot

They are an excellent source of vitamin A, and contain phytochemicals – including carotenoids, phenoiics, polyacetylenes, isocoumarins and sesquiterpenes. They also contain anthocyanins, potent antioxidants. Anthocyanins are responsible for the bright red, blue and purple colors of fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins are abundant in berries, especially the blueberry, which has exceptionally high antioxidant activity. Anthocyanins are the major antioxidants in purple-yellow and purple-orange carrots, and purple-yellow carrots have the highest antioxidants capacity, followed by purple-orange carrots. Chlorogenic acid is the most predominant antioxidant in all carrot varieties. Chlorogenic acid is likely responsible for the reduction in diabetes risk that is associated with coffee consumption.
In recent years several studies have shown that anthocyanins display a wide range of biological activities including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic activities. In addition they display a variety of effects on blood vessels, platelets and lipoproteins able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

#Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)

One of the most noteworthy elderberry benefits its, its efficacy in treating flu symptoms, especially the influenza B. Berries contain flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant properties and hence, boost the immune system to fight against viral and bacterial infections. At the same time, elderberries are also rich in a compound, known as anthocyanin, which has anti-inflammatory effect.
Therefore, it can alleviate the symptoms like muscle aches, pain or fever associated with flu or influenza. However, elderberries are not only abundant in antioxidant, but also in vitamin A, B and C and nutrients like, amino acids, carotenoids, tannin and rutin. All these account for the health benefits of elderberry. Apart from strengthening the immune system, to fight against viral infections and flu, elderberry and its extract are also found to be effective in conditions like cold, yeast infection, asthma, cough, nasal and chest congestion and diabetes. It can help to reduce the level of cholesterol and prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Oxidation of LDL cholesterol is considered as an important contributory factor for cardiovascular diseases. So, elderberries can provide protection against cardiovascular and heart diseases including strokes and heart attacks. Stress reduction, vision improvement, improvement in digestion, are some other important elderberry benefits.

#Polygonum Cuspidatum

Polygonum Cuspidatum (also known as Japanese knotweed) is a large perennial plant native to Aisa, also commonly found in North America and Europe. Japanese knotweed is the commercial source of Resveratrol as well as red grape skin and red grape seed extract.
Polygonum Cuspidatum has many health benefits and is used to formulate anti-aging supplements such as resveratrol and many tranditional Chinese medicines. Scientists have conducted many tests on lab animals for the health benefits of resveratrol. The test conclude that resveratrol helps slow down the aging process, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, enhance athletic performace, and droop unwanted pounds. Resveratrol supplements could be the answer to adding more years to our lives. The only true test of these anti-aging supplements is time. Years from now when the average life expectancy is 120, those who decided to take Resveratrol supplements will be thankful for yet another scientific breakthrough.

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Katalog Produk Shaklee

Banyak yang mencari informasi ttg katalog produk Shaklee! Berikut ini katalog yang kami persiapkan utk calon & loyal kostumer kami. Segera hubungi kami utk harga spesial!
Terbuka juga peluang usaha bersama kami. 🙂


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Vivix Shaklee untuk penderita Diabetes Melitus/Kencing Manis

Vivix,satu-satunya vitamin didunia yang bs menembus DNA manusia. Vivix sangat bagus untuk merawat penyakit tiga serangkai yaitu kencing manis,darah tinggi dan penyakit jantung. Jika orang tua atau anda sendiri punya penyakit ini, vivix bisa membantu anda. Untuk artikel ini, saya akan menjelaskan bagaimana Vivix bisa membantu merawat penderita diabetes.


Penjelasan oleh dr. Jaime Mcmanus ttg cara kerja Vivix;

Sebelumnya mari kita baca pola makan yang baik utk penderita kencing manis;

Diabetes Melitus (DM) merupakan suatu kumpulan penyakit metabolik menahun yang akan diderita seumur hidup oleh seseorang. Pengaturan pola makan menjadi salahsatu pilar penatalaksanaan terapi diabetes melitus, yang membutuhkan keterlibatan bersama antara dokter, ahli gizi, penyandang diabetes dan keluarganya untuk menghindari terjadinya komplikasi dari DM, dalam rangka mencapai kualitas hidup yang optimal .

Pada dasarnya pengaturan makan penyandang DM sama dengan masyarakat pada umumnya, gizi seimbang dan cukup kalori.

Yang perlu diperhatikan jadwal makan teratur, jenis dan jumlah makanan. Jadwal makan yang teratur berhubungan dengan penggunaan obat penurun glukosa dan atau insulin. Jenis makanan yang mudah didapat, murah, bervariasi, kaya akan serat dan jumlah makanan yang cukup, akan membuat penyandang DM merasa nyaman melakukan pola makan sehat secara konsisten. Berikut komposisi makanan yang dianjurkan :


  • Anjuran konsumsi karbohidrat sebesar 45-65% total asupan energi.
  • Pilihlah karbohidrat berserat tinggi, seperti umbi-umbian, gandum, beras merah, sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan segar. Anjuran mengkonsumsi karbohidrat kaya serat 7 – 10 porsi sehari (  contoh 3 porsi sayur di setiap makan besar  2- 3 porsi buah segar sebagai camilan, 2 – 3 porsi umbi-umbian, gandum atau beras merah di waktu makan besar)
  • Gula dalam bumbu diperbolehkan sehingga jenis makanan sama dengan anggota keluarga yang lain.
  • Sukrosa (gula pasir) tidak boleh lebih dari 5% total asupan energi.
  • Pemanis alternatif dapat digunakan sebagai pengganti gula, dalam jumlah sesuai batas aman konsumsi harian (Accepted-Daily Intake)
  • Makan tiga kali sehari untuk mendistribusikan asupan karbohidrat dalam sehari. Kalau diperlukan dapat diberikan makanan selingan buah atau makanan lain yang juga kaya serat. Sangat tidak dianjurkan berpuasa atau melewatkan waktu makan untuk menurunkan berat badan.


  • Jumlah lemak yang dianjurkan 20-25% dari total asupan energi.
  • Perbanyak konsumsi makanan kaya lemak tak jenuh tunggal  , seperti buah zaitun, alpukat, minyak biji bunga matahari, minyak wijen, bekatul, dan oatmeal . Selain itu konsumsi pula makanan kaya lemak tak jenuh ganda dari kacang-kacangan (almond, walnut, kacang tanah,wijen, biji bunga matahari), rumput laut, sarden, kacang kedelai, tuna, salmon liar. Konsumsi lemak tak jenuh tunggal  lebih banyak dari lemak tak jenuh ganda.
  • Hindari konsumsi lemak jenuh dari daging berlemak, susu full cream dan olahannya, minyak kelapa dan minyak kelapa sawit.


Konsumsi protein sebanyak  10 – 20% dari total asupan energi. Yang dianjurkan ikan&seafood, putih telur, kacang polong, daging tanpa lemak, ayam tanpa kulit, produk susu tanpa lemak, kacang-kacangan, tahu dan tempe.


Anjuran asupan natrium pada penyandang diabetes tanpa hipertensi 1 sendok teh garam dapur sehari. Sedangkan pada penyandang diabetes yang menderita hipertensi ¾ sendok  teh. Perhatikan sumber natrium bisa berasal  dari MSG, soda, bahan pengawet seperti natrium benzoat, dan natrium nitrit.


Anjuran konsumsi serat sekitar 25 gram/hari yang bisa didapat dari sayur, buah dan kacang-kacangan.


  • Tidak dianjurkan penggunaan fruktosa karena mempengaruhi profil lemak dalam darah.
  • Pemanis yang dianjurkan; pemanis berkalori contohnya isomalt,lactitol, maltitol, manitol, sorbitol, xylitol dan pemanis tanpa kalori seperti aspartam,sakarin, acesulfame potassium, sukralose dan neotame. Perhitungkan penggunaan pemanis berkalori dalam jumlah kebutuhan kalori sehari.

Vitamin yang disarankan untuk kencing Manis adalah Vivix, kenapa?

1. Vivix membantu untuk proses pemulihan sel-sel dalam tubuh yang telah rusak. Karena Vivix satu-satunya vitamin yang bs menembus DNA manusia, maka Vivix berfungsi untuk memperbaiki & melindungi sel-sel DNA secara efisien.

2. Ramuan vitamin Vivix mampu meningkatkan pembentukan mitokondria sehingga sel lebih kuat.

3. Vivix membantu melambatkan kerusakan sel-sel tubuh.

4. Vivix juga membantu melambatkan penuaan sel dan merupakan suplemen terbaik didunia.

testimoni Vivix untuk diabetes:

Utk konsultasi & pemesanan, segera hubungi:

* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnosa, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah segala penyakit.

* Tingkat ke-efektifan vitamin mungkin berbeda untuk setiap orang.

Sumber :

PERKENI. Konsensus Pengelolaan dan Pencegahan Diabetes Melitus tipe 2 di Indonesia. 2011. 15-18

Handelsman Y, Mechanick JL , et al. American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines For Clinical Practices For Developing A Diabetes Melitus Comprehensive Plan. Endocrine Practice. 2011; 17. 18-19

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Testimoni Vivix Shaklee – Oktober 2013

Saya minum Vivix Shaklee baru sekitar 3mingguan.

Saya sangat terkejut karena benjolan2 di payudara saya menghilang dan titik2 hitam di kulit muka saya memudar.
Pada tahun 2011 saya pernah menjalani operasi tumor payudara. Dokter mengatakan bahwa tumor telah diangkat sampai ke akarnya. Namun beberapa bulan kemudian beberapa benjolan muncul kembali.
Dokter juga menyarankan saya utk menjalani operasi laser untuk “membakar” titik2 hitam di kulit muka saya. Titik2 hitam ini menyerupai tahi lalat tp sangat gatal & beberapa membesar.
Alhamdulillah sekarang saya merasa lebih sehat setelah minum Vivix Shaklee.
Terima kasih, Shanty!
(Ny. Budi, 58thn, Jakarta)
Saya sangat menyarankan bagi anda yg sudah berumur lebih dari 50th utk mengkonsumsi Vivix. Selain utk anti anging & anti oksidan, Vivix juga bagus untuk menghambat pertumbuhan sel kanker.
Jangan lewatkan Promo bulan oktober:
Segera hubungi untuk konsultasi & pemesanan.
Salam Sehat,
Shanty Shaklee
*Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnosa, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah segala penyakit.* Tingkat ke-efektifan vitamin mungkin berbeda untuk setiap orang.