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Testimoni Vitamin Kesuburan

Sharing kali ini datang dari Puan Nurul di Malaysia. Beliau sudah membina rumah tangga lebih dr 1 tahun, namun belum di karuniakan keturunan. Kemudian, beliau mencoba vitamin kesuburan shaklee yang terdiri dari ESP, Vit E dan GLA complex. Alhamdulillah, dgn izin Allah SWT, beliau hamil setelah konsumsi selama 2 bulan. Anaknya kini sudah lahir, umur 2 tahun.

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Vitamin untuk Berhenti Merokok

Ada yang punya suami perokok dan niat pengen berhenti? Atau anda sendiri perokok? Anda mau berhenti merokok dan mau minum Suplemen?Kami punya solusinya!

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Nutriferon Shaklee


Nutriferon Shaklee

Shaklee Difference:
The greatest discovery and invention in immunology
Interferon wad first discovered by an immunology named Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima of Tokyo University in 1954. After 40 years of research and reviewed thousands of compounds and more than 200 different kind of herbs, Dr. Kojima successfully developed the only natural interferon i.e. Nutriferon. He had established that the extract of 4 plants; namely pumpkin seeds, Safflower flowers, Japanese Honeysuckle and Plantago seeds;have the ability to prompt our body’s own production of natural interferon. His unique yet natural formula is safe, pure and effective. His discovery and invention had been recognized as the biggest breakthrough in immunology.
Nutriferon is Shaklee Exclusive Patentedd Formula and not sold in stores. It is available only through Shaklee.

We remove millions of germs and pathogenic bacteria contracted through touching, breathing and food every day. Interferon is the immune system at the forefront to guard against any intrusion. This natural protein protects our body by increasing our immune responses to fight against viruses, germs and microbes.
Nutriferon is named as this protein interfere any bacteria and virus. Interferon is a protein produced by cells when viruses invade them. It is released into the bloodstream or intercellular fluid to induce healthy cells to manufacture an enzyme that counters the infection.
In medical field, interferon injection is used to treat and improve hepatitis, cancer, hydrophobia, herpes and HIV etc. Moreover, it has been proven that interferon is able to protect us effectively from influenza and diseases.

Key Benefits:
#Strengthen Immune System In 3 Days – It is the only natural interferon in the world. Studies have shown that interferon is able to stimulate and enhance body’s overall immune system by calling the natural killer in the body to action: T-cells, B-cells and macrophage.
#Fights Cancer & Tumor – Natural interferon contains active polysaccharide that stimulates and activates the immunoglobulin to fight against tumor and cancel cells. Also, it can minimize discomfort during chemotherapy treatment.
#Protests against influenza – It balances immune responses to allergies of environment and air pollution, effectively protects against harms by various viruses, microbes, which include cold, flu, allergies, inflammation and influenza.
#Eases Stress & Lethargy – Eases harms caused by anxiety, stress, lethargy and hectic lifestyle.
#Delays ageing – The unique formula of Nutriferon ® stimulates the production of macrophage in order to reduce free radicals, viruses and gems rapidly. Hence, cells become healtier.
#Reduces Infections By Hepatitis B & C Patients – The efficacy of Nutriferon ® in combating viruses can reduces the infections and minimize any discomforts, for instance, bloating, nausea, vomit of Hepatitis B &C patients.
#Improves Menopause – Hypertension, high cholesterol, blood circulation and other various problems arise from menopause can be improved.
#Improves PMS – Clinically proven to improve symptoms caused by imbalance endocrine system. i.e. menstrual cramps, backache, tender breasts, acne, anxiety, insomnia and mood swing.
4 powerful plant extracts.

Pumpkin seeds

Stimulate the production of natural interferon in our body.
Fight free radicals and cancer causing factors

Plantago asiatica seeds


Contain polysaccharide which activates the overall immune cells.

Japanese Honeysuckle
Fight the intrusion of viruses and germs.

Safflower Flower

Produce and strengthen ability of macrophage in destroying viruses and germs.

Where Do Viruses, Germs And Microbes Come From?
We are constantly contacting with thousands types of microbes through breathing (air-conditioner, waste gas, smoke, viruses in the air, dust), shaking hands, contact with objects (furniture, dust mites in blanket, public transportation, sweat, water), food, physical exercise, work environment etc.

How Do Microbes Affect Us?
When lost of germs and viruses attack us at a time especially when our body lacks of interferon and immune cells, we will be easily exhausted, tired, stressed, sleeping disorder or infected by flu, cough, allergies, asthma, eczema, acne etc. The unhealthy and oxidized cells from more free radicals which lead to degenerative disease, chronic disease, cancer etc.
Active Biology Immune System Enhancement Rate As Stimulated By Various Polysaccharides

For health maintenance: 1 sachet a day (pours into mouth directly or mixes with any cold or hot drink anytime)
During treatment of influenza and cancer: 2-3 sachets a day. Best consume with Vitamin C

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* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnosa, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah segala penyakit.
* Tingkat ke-efektifan vitamin mungkin berbeda untuk setiap orang.

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Energizing soy Protein Shaklee

Shaklee Difference:

Shaklee was the first company to create a soy-based protein supplement. In fact, the first soy isolate ever created was developed by Dr. Shaklee in the early 1970s. Over the years, clinical trials have proven what Dr. Shaklee knew back then-soy protein is a key building block to maintaining good health. Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein has been recognized worldwide with most extensive clinical studies carried out on the product and the highest quality of protein made out of plant. It contains only non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism) soybeans which are processed under low temperature. Moreover, each 850g tin of Energizing Soy Protein is derived from 25kg of soybeans and it is an instant energy booster that last for hours.

Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein contains 22 types of amino acids and it is the only product in the market that guarantees providing 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced by human body. It is suitable for all ages – young and old. The protein of soybean is twice of meat, 4 times of egg, 12 times of milk, low in fat, no cholesterol, no uric acid and easier absorbs by the body.

Its low glycemic indices (G.I.) also made it suitable for diabetic patients.
Low GI 55 and under
Medium GI 55 to 69
High GI 70 and above


Did you know?
The glycemic index ranks carbohydrates based on their impact on blood sugar level. Carbohydrates that break down quickly have the highest glycemic indices (G.I.) while those with a low G.I. break down sugar slowly, releasing glucose into the system. Keeping blood sugar levels low is important to weight loss and long term health.

Some soy proteins are alcohol processed, which not only removes the beneficial isoflavones, but also creates cross contamination with the chemicals used to process it. Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein is water-washed to retain those critical isoflavones genistein & daidzein & provide you with the whole goodness of soy.

Key Benefits:
# Stay Youthful – Amino acids make human’s muscles, nails, hair, blood, organs, skin, glands, 50,000 types of protein, 20,000 types of enzymes etc. Regular consumption of Energizing Soy Protein is the key to maintain youthful skin and muscles and keep us energetic.
#Natural Plant Based Hormone – Soy bean is the only plant rich in isoflavones which is similar to the functions of women’s hormones. It helps in reducing cholesterol level and preventing osteoporosis and heart disease.
#Improves Men’s Prostate – Genistein in soy bean has been proven that it has the ability to suppress the growth and prevent cancer cells from spreading. It destroys free radicals in our cells before free radicals mutate cells’ DNA into cancel cells. It also improves uterus and ovary menopause and prostate enlargement.
#Radiant Skin Supple Muscles –Stimulates regeneration of skin and muscles, improves wrinkles, anti-aging, restore the skin radiance and muscles suppleness, thus accelerate wound recovery and minimize scar.
#Instant Energy Booster – Provides energy instantly and enhances immune system, thus improve lethargy, migraine, insomnia and stress related symptoms such as depression, anciety, nervousness etc.
#Improves Pigmentation – Improves grey-haired, hair loss, hair condition problems, pigmentation, freckles, age spot
#Improves Memory – Improves memory, vitality, sexual ability, responsiveness etc.

The Importance of Protein
Protein is the key ingredient in forming various organs and tissues in our body as well as the major component of our body’s hormones. It also regulates physiological functions. Therefore, every parts of our body need protein. Protein deficiency will lead to poor immune system to counter disease, unable to excrete excess water in the body which caused swelling of body, loss of muscles suppleness, change of hair colour, stagnant growth, indigestion, unable to produce blood and hormones and lastly, organs malfunction which eventually lead to death.

What Is Amino Acids?
Protein is collective term for more than 20 types of amino acids. Amino acids are arranged like alphabets; different type of amino acids is arranged to form different type of protein. These amino acids will be rearranged according to the needs to form the required protein and enzymes.

This product is produced from non-GMO soy beans by using the unique IPP (Identity Preserved Program) procedures which ensures that soy beans are free from exposure to genetically modified soy beans. Strict quality controls are imposed on the soy beans from planting to production.

2 -3 times a day, 2 tablespoons each time (empty stomach)
(Mix with Meal Shake and Performance)

Source: Shaklee nutrition book, google.

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* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnosa, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah segala penyakit.
* Tingkat ke-efektifan vitamin mungkin berbeda untuk setiap orang.

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Menambah Produksi ASI dgn Daun Bangun-bangun & Daun Katuk

Pertanyaan mengenai tanaman/sayuran utk menambah, memperbanyak & mengentalkan ASI sering sekali ditanyakan di milist/FB grup.

Menurut website pdgmi.org

Keunggulan pemberian ASI eksklusif antara lain meningkatkan gizi bayi, menurunkan berat badan ibu setelah melahirkan dan sebagai alat kontrasepsi alamiah (Fewtrell, 2007). Asupan makanan ibu menyusui ikut menentukan kualitas ASI-nya (Dijkuizen, 2001). Saat ini banyak sumber makanan berkualitas yang dipercaya baik secara turun-temurun maupun yang sudah terbukti uji keilmiahannya dalam meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas ASI, misalnya dari golongan sayur-sayuran; daun katuk (Sauropus androgynus), jagung muda (Zea mays), daun bangun-bangun (Coleus amboinicus), dan sebagainya. Kuantitas ASI juga ditentukan oleh berapa banyak volume ASI yang diproduksi oleh kedua payudara dalam sehari. Kualitas ASI ditentukan oleh jenis makronutrien (karbohidrat, protein, lemak) dan mikronutrien (vitamin dan mineral) dalam ASI (Sihombing, 2006; Damanik, 2001).

Laktagogum merupakan zat yang dapat meningkatkan dan melancarkan produksi ASI. Sampai saat ini masyarakat masih menaruh kepercayaan besar pada laktagogum dari bahan tradisional alamiah dibandingkan hasil produksi pabrik yang modern ataupun sintetik karena telah dibuktikan berdasarkan pengalaman secara turun-temurun (Kaliappan, 2008).

Di Indonesia, tanaman yg terkenal sbg laktagogum adalah daun katuk dan daun bangun-bangun.

1. Daun Katuk
Daun katuk dikonsumsi dalam bentuk sayur rebusan atau dilalap. Daun katuk mengandung steroid dan polifenol yang dapat meningkatkan kadar prolaktin. Pada pemberian daun katuk ditemukan peningkatan kadar hormon steroid adrenal. Kadar prolaktin yang tinggi akan meningkatkan, mempercepat dan memperlancar produksi ASI. Daun katuk juga mengandung alkaloid, sterol, flavonoid dan tannin.


2. Daun Bangun-bangun

Selain utk menambah produksi ASI, daun bangun-bangun juga membantu pemulihan rahim pasca melahirkan, membantu mencegah infeksi, dan meningkatkan imunitas si ibu.


Salah satu resep cara pengolahan daun katuk/daun bangun-bangun adalah sbb:

1. Petik daun katuk/daun bangun-bangun, pisahkan dari batangnya.
2. Cuci daun sambil diremes-remes, disobek-sobek dan digosok-gosok dgn telapak tangan daun-daunnya dgn air mengalir, hingga warna bilasan tdk pekat.
3. Masak dgn santan dan bumbu-bumbu dasar (biasanya saya pakai bumbu sop), bs tambahkan ceker atau daging. Bisa juga ditambah labu kuning.. Endang banget mom!!

Ternyata selain Daun katuk & daun bangun-bangun, ada juga tanaman lain yg berfungsi sebagai milk booster. Menurut kelly.com,

A substance that increases milk supply is called a galactagogue. Some of the most commonly used herbal galactagogues are fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa. There are also several prescription medications that can increase milk supply.

Bagi bunda yg tidak sempat utk mencari daun katuk/daun bangun-bangun.. Tidak sempat metikkin daun, bilas apalagi masak.. Shaklee punya solusinya!

Alfalfa Complex Shaklee merupakan salah satu produk Favorit Ibu Menyusui karena meningkatkan produksi ASI!

Paket Vitamin ASI Shaklee sbb:
– Alfalfa Complex
Sbg milk booster & laktagogum dan juga sbg detok & mengurangi berat badan

– Energizing Soy Protein
Soy Milk yg berfungsi utk mengentalkan ASI, menambah berat badan bayi dan menambah tenaga si Ibu

-Vitalea with Iron
Multivitamin dgn 28jenis vitamin & mineral utk menjaga kesehatan si Ibu & mencegah anemia

Sebagai asupan Calcium terutama bagi bunda yg males minum susu!

Untuk konsultasi & pemesanan, silahkan email saya di shantyshaklee@gmail.com

Salam ASI!
Shanty Shaklee