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Vitalea with Iron Shaklee


Vitalea with Iron

Shaklee Difference:
Vita-Lea is the world’s first invented multi-vitamins and minerals. Originally named Vitalize-Mineral and shortened to “Vita-min” subsequently, hence the term of “vitamin”. Emergence of high technology has transformed this liquid based supplement (90 years ago) to today’s tablet form of Vita-Lea. Each tablet contains the nutrient of 41 complete daily nutrients extract from vegetables and fruits, 12 vitamins and 11 essential minerals as stipulated by RDA, and also phytochemical like alfalfa, kelp, rose hip, cherry etc. formulated with most proportionate and well balanced content.
The tablet contains nutritional powder which is coated with Spirulina. It is produced by using the most advance and complex explosive technology – “Explo-tab”. It is the world’s fastest disintegration in water and absorption by the body of multi-vitamin. Its minerals integrate with protein for easy absorption by small intestines.
It is clinically proven that taking Vita-Lea for 1 year can reduce rate of falling sick by 65%. It is chosen by USA’s Center for Science in the Public Interest 2000 as the best multi-vitamin.

Key Benefits:
#Replenish energy speedily – Replenish energy physical vigour and mental power rapidly, thus improves memory and focus / attention in studies and dealing with workload.
#Improves malnutrition – Consume after meal to induce the absorption of various vitamins, also supplement malnutrition arise from poor dietary habit of the modern world, especially vegetarians and anaemia.
#Increases reproductive ability – For growing children and teens. Unique formula aids in reproductive ability.
#Increases metabolism – Stimulates metabolism, delay ageing.
#Key element for cells – Provides basic nutrients, keeps cells alive, induce cells regeneration, aids in growing up, growing hair, muscles and skin, nails, cells and hormone, keeps thyroid gland healthy.
#Protects organs – Protects the functionality of kidney, heart and liver.
For health maintenance: 2 times a day, 1 tablet each time (after meal)
For growing years, malnutrition, lethargy: 2 times a day, 2 tablets each time

Nutrition Facts Of Vita-Lea
1. Vitamin A
For good vision; improves skin disease; anti-oxidant; fights cancer, nyctalopia (night blindness), glaucoma, respiratory system disease, measles, immune system, removes age spot; aids in growing up; strengthen skeletal; keeps teeth, gum and hair healthy.

2. Vitamin D
Strengthen bone density; prevents osteomalacla/soft bone disease, osteoporosis; improves periodontosis and psoriasis.

3. Vitamin E
Anti-oxidant; for glowing skin and supple muscles, blood circulation; prevents blood clot; improves heart disease, cataract, degenerative arthritis, men’s reproductive system; dissolves scars.

4. Vitamin C
Anti-oxidant; fight cancer; stimulates formation of collagen; increases resilience of attack by external factors; wound healing; improves cold, bleeding gum, blood clot, nose bleed; prevents scurvy.

5. Folic Acid
Healthy foetus growth; stimulates the produce of breast milk; keeps red blood cells healthy; low heart disease and cervical cancer; improves anaemia, osteoporosis, depression, healthy skin, mouth ulcer.

6. Vitamin B1
Helps enzyme in the body to convert food into energy; increases memory; improves anxiety; mental alertness; make blood and stimulates blood circulation, aids in growing up; prevents mention sickness (sea, road); lessen symptoms of herpes zoster.

7. Vitamin B2
Converts food into energy; improves anaemia; relieves tired eyes, contaract, mouth and tongue inflammation, cramps during pregnancy.

8. Vitamin B3
Converts food into energy; produces hormone; stimulates blood circulation; low blood lipid; treats dizziness, colon and stomach ailments, diarrhea, migraine, mouth ulcer, bad breath.

9. Vitamin B6
Metabolises protein; repairs muscles; improves PMS, mood swing, fatigue, vomit, dry lips, glossitis, fat leakage dermatitis fits cramps, numbness, anaemia.

10. Vitamin B12
Healthy foetus growth; aids in growing up; increase appetite; nerve communication (responsiveness); mental stimulant, physical strength; memory and attentiveness (focus), re-productive ability; improves serious anaemia, fatigue, anxiety, diabetes, poor vision.

11. Biotin
Helps B-Complex to function effectively; fat metabolism; prevents early graying and hair loss; improves diabetes, muscles pains, eczema and skin inflammations.

12. Vitamin B5
Alleviates stress, calms emotion; improves allergies, constipation, fatigue, arthritis; alleviates harmful and side effects of antibiotic, prevents infections; accelerates wound recovery.

13. Calcium
Strong skeletal and teeth; regulate muscles contraction, blood clot; improves numbness, cramps, pains, insomnia; maintains normal heart beat; prevents osteoporosis, osteomalacia/soft bone disease.

14. Phosphorus
Increases bone density; improves diabetes, kidney gallstones; prevents brittle bones, anorexia; aids in growing up; eases pains caused by arthritis.

15. Iodine
Forms thyrold gland; helps in healthy foetus growth, children’s intellect; develops tendon and connective tissue, physical strength; controls body weight.

16. Iron
Forms haemoglobin; improves anaemia, menstrual pain, fatigue; aids in growing up; combats disease.

17. Magnesium
Healthy skeletal and teeth; relaxes muscles and nerve system; improves diabetes, heart disease; natural tranquiliser, prevents depression, kidney gallstones; liver gallstones, indigestion.

18. Copper
Helps to convert Iron as oxygenated haemoglobin; improves indlammations of any kind; healthy hair; improves edema, skeletal related disease.

19. Zinc
Strengthen immune system; accelerates would healing; male’s sexual ability; prevent prostate related disease; improves senses of taste and smell; mental sharpness.

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* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnosa, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah segala penyakit.
* Tingkat ke-efektifan vitamin mungkin berbeda untuk setiap orang.

Source : Shaklee nutrition book

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