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Ostematrix Shaklee



Shaklee Difference:
The only calcium with the most balanced that ensures 99% absorption rate. Unique formula, made of natural mineral and mineral salt which is rich in the Dead Sea, contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D, zinc, copper, manganese and boron. These nutrients need to be consumed together for absorption of the body and prevent the formation of sediment of some minerals. Studies have proven that supplementation of calcium will increase elderly women’s bone density effectively.

Key Benefits:
#Strengthen bones – Calcium prevents osteoporosis, strengthen nails, skeleton, teeth, muscles, nerve system. It also treats fractured bones, osteomalacia (adult rickets), brittle nails, eczema, convulsion/spasm, bleeding gum and stimulates the thickening of blood.
#Improve numbness and cramps – Consuming 600mg of calcium before bed will improve numbness, cramps, join pain and arthritis.
#Eases stress – It balances blood pressure; maintains regular heart beat, nerve impulses, calms nerve; promotes good night sleep; improves palpitation, nervousness, neightmares and stress. Also improves depression, mood swing, headache, dizziness.
#Improves menstrual problems – Studies have shown that consuming of 1,000 mg of calcium and magnesium simultaneously alleviates menstrual and aids in urination.
#Alkalisation of body – Calcium is an alkaline mineral, therefore it is effective in maintaining the balance of pH in our body. It prevents obesity during middle age. Additionally, calcium helps cells to absorb nutrient and stimulates detoxification.
#Improves stomach hyperacidity and gastric pain
#Vitamin D: Names as vitamin D in 1916 when it was discovered that it could treat rickets. It increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in order to increase bone density, strengthen skeleton, improves periodontal disease. Vegetarians, those lack of exposure to sun during summer or hot day, over age of 55, pregnant woman and children should take vitamin D supplement.
#Magnesium: This is the no. 2 crucial positive ion of our body. It promotes composition of bone and cartilage. Helps in nerve system, activates enzymes in our body to produce energy, the contraction of nerve and muscles, stabilise irregular heart beat of heart patients, facilitates the smooth excretion of waste from stomach and intestines; prevents calcium sedimentation of calcium; dissolves and reduces the formation of kidney gallstone or gallstone. It is also important for those with glucose fluctuation problem.
#Zinc, boron, manganese, copper: Maintains healthy skeletal metabolism and muscle grow, composing enzymes needed for bones, repair cartilage, prevent arthritis.

How to choose for premium calcium:
~Choose those with vitamin D and magnesium
~Do not pick those made of bone meal and dolomite for possible lead content.
~Avoid chelated minerals as such chemistry process will cause the body to absorb polluted heavy metal and toxin in the course of absorbing minerals.

For health maintenance: 2 times daily, 2 tablets each time (after meal)
For menstrual problems, pregnancy, stress, cramps and numbness: 2 times daily, 3 tablets each time
For fractured bones, osteoporosis: 3 times daily, 4 tablets each time

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* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnosa, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah segala penyakit.
* Tingkat ke-efektifan vitamin mungkin berbeda untuk setiap orang.

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